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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Chris Glenn was mentioned to me by a friend who's daughter recently purchased a home. The whole family recommended him and stated he was very helpful in helping their daughter find a house. I found Chris very helpful. He found me several houses to look at and I bid on one of the first ones I saw but unfortunately my bid was lower then someone else. But I found a house I am very pleased with and will be moving in soon.

– Janice Ashby (Buyer)

I would recommend Chris for Anyone looking to buy or sell their house. Chris is very personable and knowledgeable in real estate. Thanks for all your help and wish you luck in all your endeavors

– Jason Green (Seller)

He never gave up and was just as excited about finding a home as we were.

Everything was excellent! Above and beyond!

He is down right good people!

Chris is the man! Always positive, always on the ball, and treated us like friends.

Good friends of ours recommend him to us.

– Michelle Savana (Buyer)

We made first contact with Christopher via Facebook and were immediately impacted by his energy and interest in the local community. Chris portrayed himself as someone who works very hard and has excellent communication skills. This portrayal was everything we hoped for and more! If we buy another property, we're certain to be using Christopher's skills again!

– Barry Sterling (Buyer)

From the start of the journey, once we laid our foundation of requirements, Chris was a thorough communicator about his availability, ease of access to assist us with showings, and providing us as much attention as needed.

Christopher contributed exceptional and timely communication regarding any questions, concerns, or statements.

Christopher provided extensive knowledge on construction standards, materials, layouts and more, that I would not have thought to ask about. Chris gave perspective and input on ALL things, the good and the bad, about each showing we attended together. What was even better was if he did not know the answer was that he was unafraid to admit that fact, find the correct answer and relay that information as applicable!

Additionally Chris' proficiency for "the paperwork" really put me at ease with the whole process.

I would recommend Chris Glenn to anyone looking to buy a home. Chris is a charismatic, trustworthy individual, who listens, cares and will have your best interest in mind.

I want to personally thank Christopher Glenn, for all of his dedication to us and our purchase.

– The Harvey Family (Buyer)

Chris, thank you again for all of your hard work. I appreciate everything you did to answer my questions and make the whole process as transparent and stress-free as possible.

– Jennifer Janssen (Buyer)

I've known Chris before he was even a real estate agent, and we began talking about plans for selling my home long before we could put it on the market. He was encouraging, supportive through improvements we managed ourselves and with contractors, and once we got it listed, he stayed in contact well. Chris Glenn cares about people, above and beyond his responsibility as a realtor, and I appreciated his honesty with us and prompt communications with the buyer's realtor. I'm sure Chris has a bright future at Caldwell Banker, and we appreciate his help with selling my home.

– Elizabeth Woodman (Seller)

Chris Glenn made looking for a house a lot more fun than I was expecting. His attention to detail is unparalleled. If it seemed off he wanted to know what was happening. He even climbed up into an attic to try and figure something out for us. Since this was my first time purchasing a house I had a lot of questions and never felt like I couldn’t ask him anything. If you are looking for someone who wants to see you happy and in a home that fits you Chris is your guy!

– James Dunn (Buyer)

Chris really went out of his way to meet our (my wife's) needs. He made it a point to meet us as best as he could. He even sacrificed being a little late to a dinner appointment to show us a house. It ended up being the house we purchased.

Chris introduced us to dotloop to expedite the signing processes.

Chris was very patient and ready to help us find our next home!

– Chris Ortega (Buyer)

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